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P R O J E C T  M A N A G E M E N T

“Creation of an environment evoking emotion & fulfilling purpose.”– Louis Kahn

With a degree in Interior Architecture and a career focused in the commercial realm in both NYC and Chicago, design on all levels is an expertise for the proprietor Lisa Schwartz. With a portfolio of large scale corporate projects and all levels of Project Management this experience can be applied to any project of any scale.

Working under the assumption that a house is successful if it is easy to live in. A home that is functional that makes possible going about the daily tasks and joys of daily life easily is essential to good design.  Curation of one’s belongings, to help find the true spirit of the occupants is a task easily done by accessing the items people have amassed and selecting those items that best speak the owner’s passions to help create a personal environment.

S  T  A  G  I  N  G  /  S  T  Y L I S T

Whether your needs are to freshen your home for an upcoming event, preparing a home for sale or giving a retail store a fresh approach, or event design and logistics, we can help.


P R O D UC T   D E S I G N

Creativity on all levels has been applied in the design of home decor products, custom designed prints, and all aspects of branding.  Inspired by all that is vintage, nice products designed by Ode to June are available both individually and to the wholesale trade. Contact us for details.


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